The 2x16 Modular OLED product line consists of six total products. They all feature various connector and interface options. Two however, also come specifically designed with Arduino users in mind.

More about the Modulars

It's not all about interfacing and connecting – there are numerous great features that enhance these displays in this great new product line.

  • OLED blue character color
  • High contrast ratio (10,000:1)
  • Any-angle readability
  • No backlight
  • 2.8V or 5V power/logic operation
  • Three built-in font tables
  • Built-in screen saver
  • Slim form factor design
  • Industry standard 2.5mm mounting holes
  • Arduino-ready options
  • Wide operating temperature (-40°C – +85°C)
  • Built-in US2066 controller
  • 10 μsec response time
  • Easy to read at small size
  • Accelerates development time
  • Helps facilitate application design process
  • Engineered & assembled in Elgin, IL USA
  • Documentation & example code available
  • Emulates footprint of popular LCD display size

Visit our GitHub repository to view documentation and example code

Clarity from the chaos


When you need low power, ultra high contrast and any-angle readability, you can't beat these great looking slim modular character OLEDs. These displays come packaged as a complete module that includes all required logic in an extremely small form factor. With 3 built-in font tables, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 10 μsec response time, and built-in screen saver, these slim modular character OLEDs will offer any industry an upgrade to their current monochromatic character application.

Anyone familiar with our C0216CZ or C12832A1Z LCD Chip-on-Glass families will be especially pleased with how easily they can be upgraded to one of the 2x16 Modular OLEDs.